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This is Oculus Quest version of Song Beater VR rhythm game.

You need to enable developer mode on your Quest and sideload APK provided here. You can use SideQuest to help you with installation on Quest.

The game is also available on PC VR (Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Valve Index etc.) on Steam, Oculus Rift/Go Store, Humble Store. Visit our homepage for more information!


Song Beater is a VR rhythm game on steroids. Beat challenging songs with your bare fists in Fit Boxing mode, wield variety of weapons (blades, tonfas, phasers, staff, saw) in Free Style or concentrate on uplifting text flow in Letter Hunter mode.

  • 5 game modes, singleplayer and multiplayer
  • 45+ songs and videos included, custom songs support
  • Global and friends leaderboards, unique family party mode
  • Player achievements and statistics including estimated calories burnt for your fitness goals

More features

  • 5 difficulty levels (light, gentle, normal, intense and... impossibru)
  • 4 different environments
  • Unique handmade visualization for each song
  • Several types of laser obstacles, stationary and moving
  • Variable song speed (90–150%), one-hand play, no-fail option and more
  • Video playback
  • 30 achievements
  • 3rd person cameras support (avatars) - great for watching players or streamers
  • Hidden and not so hidden cultural references, memes, easter eggs... :)

Weapons (free style mode)

Wield variety of weapons (blades, tonfas, phasers, staff, saw) to increase your effective range. Master different techniques for perfect play.

Custom songs and videos

  • Song Beater can import custom songs from other games, e.g. in ModSaber format! Simply copy whole song directory to "Custom songs" directory in Song Beater (VR-headset\internal storage\Android\data\com.playito.songbeater\CustomSongs) and start the game. Your song should appear on Custom songs and/or Videos tab.
  • Visit our website for more info! http://songbeater.com/custom.html

Songs credits

Volume 2 (full release update)

  • Addicted – Mikalyn & Xtro
  • Blessings – Vendredi
  • Close – Mikalyn & Xtro
  • Dissent – Nihilore
  • Erosion – KV
  • Fall Again – Dizaro
  • Fall in Love Again – Mikalyn & Xtro
  • Feelin Me – Peyruis
  • Happy Endings – Dizaro
  • Hide and Seek – Vairo
  • Keyboard – Mikalyn
  • Release – Ason ID
  • Scarab – Vairo
  • Sneaky – Mikalyn
  • Trust in Me – Dizaro
  • Time to Wake Up – Hunter Miller

Volume 1 (early access version)

  • All Night – Peyruis
  • Bad Love (Vocal Edit) – Niwel
  • Bazooka – Mike Cortado
  • Biscuit (Extended Version) – Raven & Kreyn
  • Breathe – Axl & Arth Ft. Dimi Marc
  • Bush Week – Nihilore
  • Congratulations (remix) – Party In Backyard (orig. PewDiePie, Roomie & Boyinaband)
  • Do It Like You – Insta Models
  • Don't Blame It On Me – Axl & Arth
  • Eat em up – Justin Being Rude
  • Fuzz – Roman "Mem" Nepsinsky
  • Grace on the Dancefloor – TeknoAXE
  • Island – Jarico
  • I Saw a Ghost Last Night – Leonell Cassio
  • Minute – DIZARO
  • Retro Beats – Roman "Mem" Nepsinsky
  • Rollercoaster – Declan DP
  • Something for Nothing – Jimmy Burney, Alundra
  • Spite – ZAYFALL
  • Sven – Party In Backyard
  • Stuck On U – DIZARO
  • The Promise – Damien Miles
  • This way >> – Scomber
  • Triumphant – Axl & Arth, Dustin Paul
  • View – Ametryo
  • What – Roman "Mem" Nepsinsky
  • When You're Comin' Back Around – Norwall
  • Who's gonna love ya – Bad Parties
  • Wrong 4 Me – DIZARO
  • Yeah – Roman "Mem" Nepsinsky

Visit official Song Beater game website http://SongBeater.com to see full credits and links to all artists and their portfolios!


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If purchased here,  do you receive future updates free?

Yes, if you purchase the game it is bound to your Itch.io account and you can download all future updated APKs for free. We have already posted 3 updates in December and it worked for existing players with no problem :)

Deleted 19 days ago

Hi, Quest recentering (by holding Oculus button) should adjust the height and orientation to default (and the "seat" mode is the correct one for quest, that "room" will be hidden in the future, it was for SteamVR workaround). You can also further modify it in game settings though - head to SETTINGS, first tab PROFILE, and there's a Spawner height adjustment. The number is in centimeters, so if you would like to spawn the beats higher, enter something like 20-50 and it might help.

If you still experience issues please contact us at info@songbeater.com or visit our Discord server https://discord.gg/2cPXfwx, we'll be happy to help!

Is taking for ever to install on sidequest

Well the APK has around 1GB (many songs and videos included :)) but via USB cable and normal ADB it takes around 1-2 minutes. Not sure how SideQuest does it though, will look into that, thanks for the tip